Adding your Public Key to the Omega


What is a Public Key

A public key is one part of a cryptographic algorithm that is used to secure digital communications. On the Omega specifically, a public key can be setup so that you don’t have to type your password for everytime you use SSH or an SSH-based service (rsync, scp, sftp, etc). For more, information on public and private keys, check out the Wikipedia article on this subject, it goes into a lot of detail

Setup Steps

Find or Generate your Public Key.

Find an Existing Key

If you have a key already generated on a Unix based system, it should be in


Optionally Generate a Key

If not, follow these guides for OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Copy the contents of the key to your clipboard

Add your public key to the Omega

Create the following file:


Copy and paste your public key into this file.

Now your computer will be able to SSH with the Omega without a password!