Connect to the Omega via SSH

The Omega can be accessed with a [[serial terminal Tutorials/Connecting-to-Omega-via-Serial-Terminal]] when it is plugged into your computer.

You can also use SSH to connect to the Omega as long as it’s on and your computer is on the same Wi-Fi network. SSH is cool because it allows you to connect to your Omega wirelessly!

If your computer is on the same wifi network as the Omega, the Omega will be accessible via the omega-ABCD.local address. Where ABCD is 4 hex characters that are unique to each Omega and can be seen on the Omega’s default AP name or on the Omega command line (seen through a serial connection).

OSX & Linux (Or other *NIX operating system)

Step 1: Open the Terminal app Step 2: Run the following command:

$ ssh root@omega-ABCD.local

When prompted, enter the password By default, the password is: onioneer And you’re in


Step 1: Download and install Putty from [[]]. Step 2: Configure an SSH connection to omega-ABCD.local on port 22:

SSH into the Omega

Step 3: Click Open, enter the credentials.

By default, the credentials are:

Username: root Password: onioneer

And you’re connected.