LCD I2C Library

This tutorial shows you how to control an I2C-based LCD Display with a custom library. Let’s get started!

The Setup

Downloading Software

We first need to install some software that this library requires:

opkg update
opkg install git git-http python-light pyOnionI2C

Next, we will download the custom I2C LED library:

cd /root
git clone

Connecting the LCD Display

Make the following connections:

Omega Pin LCD Display Pin
5V 5V
20 SCL
21 SDA

Omega->LCD Connection

Running the LCD Library Code

Navigate to the src directory:

cd fireonion_i2c_lcd/src

Run the command:


Now you should see sample text on your LCD. You can edit to change the displayed text.

Sample Output

You can also import the whole library into your own python project!


More and latest info at :

To Do


Thanks to Fires04 for writing this tutorial!